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THIS GAME WAS MADE WITH THE LATEST STABLE UNITY VERSION, 5.0.1f1. Please make sure your web player version is up to date (>= 5.0.1f1) and all controllers are disconnected.

Procedurally generated game for InsanityJam 3 about jaded programmers and newly built dungeons.

You awaken on a strange island, far away from civiliazation. Mysterious holes in the ground leading to newly built dungeons seem to appear every time you blink. A vague preminition of jaded programmers and up to two stunning enemy types flashes before your eyes. Wow!

You grab your equipment and set off.


Venture into the dungeons to collect gold while dodging foul beasts and whiny programmers. Take your loot back to even more jaded programmers on the surface to bribe them in exchange for stat hacks.


  • WASD - move
  • Q/E - switch weapons
  • left mouse - swing sword/draw bow